Why you need cloud computing?

From the corporate to the government entities, everyone uses cloud computing for addressing various applications and needs of the infrastructure to handle everything efficiently. Cloud computing takes care of all your IT needs with scalability as an in-build option, be it over the internet or through a dedicated network. Whether you send an email online, edit documents, listen to music, or play games, it means you are already a part of cloud computing. Everyone from the corporations to NGOs or government organizations, everyone uses cloud computing to make operations simple and hassle-free.

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Being a broad concept, cloud covers every possible online service, but when businesses refer to cloud procurements then there are usually three models –

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)-

Capabilities provide through the IAAS model help businesses drive more value by running any workload and at any time. Services mainly cater to the requirements of – Computing, storage, network, bare metal, and container.

Platform as a Service (PAAS) –

PAAS provides you a platform for creating, running, and managing all your applications without acquiring and maintaining the cost of infrastructure that is necessary for creating as well as launching an app.

Software as a Service (SAAS) -

SAAS allows you to host your software application over the internet and you don’t have to install or run an application on your data or computers.

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Cloud computing is merely based on the internet that allows people to access data and applications through the internet. It contains a large pool of systems that are connected to public or private networks to work together for delivering the dynamic infrastructure for storage.
FRS Management helps business to take their innovation to the higher levels and we help curate cloud-based environments that help enterprises and startups to scale vertically as well as horizontally.

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Here at FRS Management, we are experienced in IT infrastructure management and with our pool of highly qualified, skilled, and hardworking professionals, who work professionally, we help you build solutions that transform large, medium & small enterprises. We make the daunting tasks much more simple and easier with our consultation and implementation solutions along with our reliable expertise. The features that make cloud computing extremely popular includes –


Secure access on any device

Easy and automatic updates

Scheduled System and Security patches

Location independent

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Disaster assistance and back-up

Backup and Recovery Included

No IT maintenance cost

Core Infrastructure Maintained by Provider


Increase or decrease resources at anytime