Connecting To Wifi Networks When Abroad

Connecting To Wifi Networks When Abroad

Mainly more than 70 percent of mobile communications happen over Wi-Fi which includes video calls, exchange of e-mails, messages, and snaps over Snapchat. Nowadays, it is severely difficult to leave your cell phones behind just because you are traveling, but you can if you will not plan anything carefully, you may have to pay unpleasant and large phone bills. Here are some of the tips that can keep the costs down when you use the phone while traveling abroad –

Upgrade your international package

Before packing your bags, you can contact your phone service provider to make sure that your phone will work efficiently even when you are abroad and if needed, you can also add an international plan to your service. All you need is to check the details such as free international texting, the money you have to pay on per-minute calls, or a few allotted benefits that you can get with the international data service. If you find that a foreign plan is not enough technically feasible or just doesn’t fit the budget, you need to find out exactly how much you will have to pay for a per-minute call in case you are picking up calls while abroad. However, make sure that you have turned off the international data roaming as soon as you will reach your destination.

SIM cards and apps

If you have changed your phone settings to allows the multiple cellular carriers, you need to choose a foreign SIM card when you arrive at the airport. When you will switch your SIM card, it will effectively set you up with a local phone number that will also allow you to make calls and send text messages.

Before leaving your home, you can also use the cozy home Wi-Fi to do a little pre-trip downloading, and other mobile browsers that compress pages and only display the essentials to cut back the usage of the data, but make sure to look for the apps that save data and you can also set your device to limit the use of high-consuming apps or if possible remove them.

Disable auto-updates

While traveling abroad, you can make additional settings to prevent the auto-updates, restrict the use of background data, and limit the use of an app that can cause your battery drain. Furthermore, you can avoid uploading images or videos until and unless you are on free Wi-Fi as your HD video can cost you some megabytes of the data and a little penny as well. 

Embrace airplane mode

Depending on the service plan, you can turn on the airplane mode and when needed you can connect to the local Wi-Fi networks for avoiding less usage of data from the allotted. It is especially important when you need to get directions as map apps mainly consume higher data if you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network while using them. You can also find the cafes, restaurants, bars, libraries, and other public spaces for free Wi-Fi but make sure to avoid sensitive data such as the information related to the bank account while using the public network. You can also keep the cost of the phone calls lower by using only the messaging apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, or any other to stay in touch without worrying about the calling or SMS limits.